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Three rolls of nickels, three dozen eggs and Abraham

     A while back we were given an assignment at the Sunday school class I was attending to try to make a point to be nice and do nice things for people the following week.  I started the week off really trying to be nice, to smile and encourage the people on my path.  It wasn't until Saturday of that week that "it" happened.  I believe it was a divine appointment aligned by God.
     I ran into Dollar General to pick up an item.  As I was standing in line, an elderly man with long white hair came walking up to get in line to pay for his items.  He caught my eye - I didn't want to stare but there was something about him.  He was bent over and shuffled along as he walked.  He was dressed up in a nice suit but the suit was hanging off of him as if he at one time was a much larger man.  Our eyes met.....I smiled, he smiled back.  Immediately I thought about my assignment and realized here's my chance to be nice.  He didn't have a buggy and  he seemed to be trying to balance three cartons of eggs.  I immediately told him to please go ahead of me.  He smiled and said okay and thanked me.  The cashier told the man his total and he pulled out three coin rolls of nickels and some loose change.  I told the cashier to let me pay for his purchase.  He turned to me and said, "oh no ma'am, I have money".  " I don't need you to pay for my eggs".  He seemed to be somewhat offended.  I told him that I definitely didn't want to offend him but I would love to pay for his eggs.  He said thank you but no thank you and then he told me he wanted me to come out to his vehicle because he wanted to give me something.  Normally I wouldn't have gone but this little man really seemed harmless and I was curious at this point to see what in the world this man wanted to give me.
     As I walked out to his very beat up minivan I realized that a woman was sitting in the driver's seat.  He went to the back of the van.  As I waited, I talked to his wife and introduced myself.  I can't tell you what she told me her name was because as she told me her husband's name, my thoughts started racing.  She said, "My husband's name is Abraham, he's from the Middle East".  WHOA!!!!!!!!!  Excuse me, did you say "Abraham".  By this time, "he" was shuffling back up to the van with something in his hands.  He handed me four bags of a special coating mixture that you coat fish with before frying.  He proceeded to tell me that he had created this special seasoning and wanted to share it with me.  It was in commercial sealed packaging so I didn't hesitate to take it from him.  He told me that his product is sold in some grocery stores. You could have knocked me over with a feather!
     The mission was for me to be nice and to be a blessing to someone else.  It seemed that I was the one that received a blessing that day.  I realized at that moment that I had experienced a "God Wink". 
Had I possibly entertained an angel?  Only God knows......
Hebrews 13:2 - "Don't forget to be kind to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it."

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