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The Simple Farm Life

     Over the years I have had a desire to live on a farm and go back to a simple way of living.  I have always admired the life that my grandparents, Clyde and Marie Walters, lived.  They were very simple people, living simple lives on a farm.  Over the years they raised chickens, had cows, several horses and seemed to always have a liter of puppies.      
     I have witnessed my grandmother catch a chicken, wring it's neck and fry it up for lunch.

Mr. Clyde

Ricky Tanksley wrote this song about my granddaddy, Clyde Walters, on January 5, 1998.  He sang it at my granddaddy's funeral the next day.
Mr. Clyde
I married into his family.
He welcomed me with open arms.
It didn't take long 'til we were friends
and that meant so much to me.
The times we fished,
the tales you told,
I never saw you growing old.
As the years went by,
Sometimes I'd see you cry.
You knew this day was coming soon.
On this day, I lost my friend,

Charles W. Evers

     Today I mourn the loss of a very dear childhood friend, Charlie Evers.  We go back all the way to 2nd grade at Marshall Elementary School. Looking back I see us along with all of our classmates running on the playground, talking about what we were going to do after school and watching the clock for the lunch bell to ring so we could get to the school cafeteria to eat those gigantic cinnamon rolls.  We were all so carefree, full of life, full of energy loving every minute of our childhood years.


     I LOVE this picture of my granddaddy sitting down and holding a arm load of his grandkids with the rest of us that wouldn't fit in his lap gathered around him......this is the kind of granddad he was......He LOVED his grandkids unconditionally and he made sure we all knew it!!!!
     Clyde and Marie had twelve grandkids, I wanted to share their names with may know some of the Walter's clan!

Fun memories on the farm

     Grandmother and Granddaddy had a huge barn behind their house.  As a kid I loved to climb up in the loft and play for hours in a world of make believe.  My cousins and I would arrange the hay bales like an obstacle course.  Sometimes we would turn the loft into Ms. Nellie's country store and the bales would be the store shelves.  We could play for hours and hours with nothing but our imaginations!
     Over the years, Granddaddy would get horses for the grandkids to ride when we came to visit.

Summer at Clyde and Marie's

     I always looked forward to my week long summer visits with my grandparents, Clyde and Marie Walters, in Steele Town, Scott County Mississippi.  It was a time that I stepped out of the life of a city girl and into the country with all the wonder and magic that their old farmhouse held.  The days were filled with fun and laughter. There was never a dull moment at their house.  I would spend time in the kitchen watching my grandmother make homemade donuts; I would pick daffodils in the yard so grandmother could make a bouquet for the kitchen table.
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